Centro Queretaro

Historical and colonial Centro de Querétaro is a must visit. Well preserved Spanish colonial architecture, beautiful haciendas, city squares just to mention a few ...

Historical Centro Queretaro


San Miguel de Allende

It is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Mexico and in 2008 it was recognized, a as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO  ...

El Pueblito Queretaro


Peña de Bernal

Peña de Bernal is an obligatory point of reference for climbers from all over the world. However, Bernal is not only a destination for those ...

Bernal Queretaro


Mineral de Pozos

Mineral de Pozos a ghost town, but with a landscape covered with mesquite trees, stands Pozos; with a mining history that has become the emblem of this cozy town ...

Mineral de Pozos



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